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With Suzanne to meet and greet you when you drop your car off, you are assured of a warm and friendly reception. She will take all your details and make any notes for any issues you may have. Should you need to speak to Jon in detail or even road test the vehicle with him to check this noise or strange sensation while driving, he will be only to happy to help.

Farnborough Automotive Services

Tel: 01252 544 599

70 Guildford Road East, Farnborough, Hampshire, gu14 6px

With over 20 years in the automotive industry working for 3 large independent companies in the local area, I and now pleased to offer my services in my home town.

I am well known for my helpful, polite and honest opinion on vehicle repair and fault finding. With my outlook on customer care, I will treat you without confusing technical technobabble, but just to explain in plain and simple terms.

With the technology on the modern vehicle advancing more and more, the modern garage has to keep up by purchasing expensive diagnostic equipment. This also restricts owners from carrying out their own repairs. With several high end diagnostic tools at my disposal and my experience in the trade, I would be service and repair most modern vehicles. Even a relatively straight forward repair, like replacing brake pads, can require a piece of specialist diagnostic equipment. This can be required due to the modern "Push Button" style of handbrake now being fitted to everyday vehicles.

Service reminder indicators on vehicles running on "Long Life" service intervals can only be reset with specialist equipment.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems fitted to the modern vehicle also can require replacement and possibly coding back to the vehicle, we can help with this also.